Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bayern vs Dortmund 2013 Champions League Final

The 2013 UEFA Champions League Final is Set

On May 25th 2013 Bayern Munich will face Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Final.

The 2013 Champions League competition has been an exciting series of high stakes games for the top clubs in Europe.

It will now be an all German club final, with Dortmund and Bayern taking out the Spanish competition in the semifinal. Let's look a little closer at how the teams reached the final.

Reaching the Champions League Final

Bayern Munich faced Barcelona, and Dortmund played Real Madrid in the Semifinal, over a two leg competition.

The first game between Barcelona and Bayern Munich ended in a surprise 4-0 rout of Barcelona by Bayern Munich, and the second game followed in the same path, with Bayern winning 3-0 to go 7-0 on aggregate.

uefa champions league finalWhile some expected or predicted Bayern to win in the semi's, no one would have expected them to post such a high score over the two games. Their emphatic wins make them the favorite to win in the final on May 25th.

Dortmund, the other German club in the semifinals, had to face Real Madrid. Many thought Madrid would conquer Dortmund, simply because of their superior talent and experience. But the young Dortmund team surprised everyone with a massive 4-1 win in the first leg.

It proved just enough, as Madrid gave it a go and won the second leg 2-0 at home, but ended up losing the two leg competition 3-4 on aggregate.

Dortmund and Bayern Munich will now face each other in an all German club final that puts the Bundesliga's #1 team against the #2 team for the biggest price in Europe.

If this season is any indication of how the game will turn out, then Bayern should be the clear winner, already the German league winner with weeks to go in the season.

But, this may be Dortmund's chance to throw some dirt on Bayern's shiny season, and take the price for themselves.

In the end, 90 minutes will determine who is the Champions of Europe.

The match will take place on May 25th 2013 at Wembly stadium in London England. It will be live on Fox in the USA starting at 2pm Eastern time.

You don't want to miss this match.

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