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2013 UEFA Champions League Final - Predictions

Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League Final

An incredible 2012/2013 Champions league season is coming to a close with the Final set for Saturday, May 25th 2013.

The two teams who will compete in the final are Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Bayern was last years runner up, they lost to Chelsea in the final so they will certainly want to change that this year.

Dortmund have had a stellar Champions League campaign taking down one high ranking opponent after another. To reach the final, they had to beat Real Madrid in the Semis.

But the question is, who will win in the final, and claim the top prize in club soccer?

Predictions for 2013 Champions league Final

champions league final predictions
Dortmund vs Bayern
Bayern has clearly had the stronger season with a dominating performance not only in their home league, the Bundesliga, but also in the Champions League.

They put together one of the best performances over two legs ever seen in Champions League history, beating Barcelona 7-0 over two games. It was an astounding performance that put them immediately as the favorite.

Dortmund have also done very well in the Champions League, showcasing a young team that has plenty of attacking power and fast pace. Unfortunately  they will be missing at least one key player in the final, Gotze, who has a strained hamstring.

with all this information, it seems easy to predict that Bayern will have the advantage in the Final. But lets also look at Bayern's two key players on the wing; Robben and Ribery.

Both players have been very hungry, and appear to want to win more than ever before. Their combined performance against Barcelona boosted Bayern into another level.

One cannot discount Robert Lewandowski when talking about performances. He scored all 4 goals in Dortmund's 1st leg win over Real Madrid, which turned out to be all the goals they needed to reach the final.

With these high quality attacking players on both sides, it seems likely that each team will score. But I would predict Bayer to score more, with a final score of 3-1.

Prediction: Bayern 3-1 Dortmund

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