Thursday, April 4, 2013

World Cup Qualifying News - USA Gets Valuable Points

The USMNT Win at Home, Get Draw on the Road

The US Men's National Team gained four valuable points in their last two games of World Cup Qualifiers against Costa Rica and Mexico.

The qualification process in the Caribbean and North/Central American region consists of one group of six teams, where the top three advance to the world cup after a series of games between every team.

USA played Costa Rica on March 22nd 2013, at home in Denver and won 1-0 in blizzard conditions. Grounds people worked throughout the entire game at keeping lines clear so the game could go on. At every stoppage of play, workers ran onto the field with snow shovels to clear the important lines. It was a game to remember because of the incredible conditions.

If you missed that game, you can still watch the highlights of America's snowy win over Costa Rica on YouTube.

After that crucial home win over Costa Rica, The Americans had the difficult task of going to Mexico and trying to get points against the very good Mexican national team. To put it into perspective, in all the World Cup qualifying matches USA had played in Mexico, they had never won, and only even tied Mexico once!

But in that now historic game played on March 26th, 2013, the US Men's National Team got a wonderful 0-0 tie, grabbing a valuable road point.

world cup 2014 qualifiers current standings usa mexico
Current Standings for the USA and others after Three Games

This puts the USMNT in 3rd place in a very tight table. But four points in three games is not bad as long as they continue to win at home, and get points here and there on the road. The US will play next in June, so look forward to those games in the future on the road to World Cup 2014!

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