Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Women's League to Start in US

A New Women's League will Start in March or April of this Year

After a year with no women's league in the USA, it is coming back stronger than ever.

Many people are concerned that a women's soccer league will fail yet again, this is the third attempt after all. But changes in the new league lead me to believe it will gain a foothold in a burgeoning US soccer market and fill a niche for young female athletes.

The MLS is showing signs of slow, but powerful growth in its fan-base and attendance to games. And with the popularity of US Women's national team, it is probable that fans will attend the games and support the league.

But the new women's league will also serve a much higher purpose.

A Domestic Soccer League is Vital for National Team Success

Impressively, the US Women's soccer team has won many of their games and major tournaments over the last few years despite the loss of the domestic league in 2011.

The countries that have seen the biggest improvement in the their female soccer teams are countries with domestic women's soccer leagues. Japan, Sweden and Germany are three great examples of teams that are, and will, challenge the US Women.

In order for the US Women to continue to dominate their sport, they must have a developmental domestic league to bring up new talent. And that is exactly what the new league will do for not only the US, but Mexico and Canada.

So with the US, Mexican, and Canadian soccer organizations invested in the new women's league, it appears to have the best chance to become a strong, self supporting league for the future.

I shall certainly be supporting them in the coming season, and especially when Philadelphia gets a team.

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