Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain Play the Perfect Game in Euro Cup Final

On July 1st, 2012, Spain beat Italy 4-0 to become European Champions. They also defended their '08 Euro Cup title, and became the first team to win three major tournaments in a row (Euro '8, World Cup '10, Euro '12).

Spain are Champions
But what the world watched in the 2012 Euro Cup Final was not the same Spanish team that won in '08 or at the World Cup, it wasn't even the same as the team that made its way to the final. No, the Spanish team that showed up in the final was a perfect team.

From the goalkeeper Casillas, who made several key saves to keep the clean sheet, to the defense who effectively shut down the Italian attack, to the substantial midfield that not only blocked Pirlo from passing, but created goal scoring opportunities in wonderful passing efficiency. The Spanish played the best any team has ever played, and they did it with the world watching.

Each goal came about because of quick passing and perfect accuracy. The fact they scored 4 goals against a good Italian defense and one of the best goalkeepers in Buffon, shows how deadly they were.

Some might say it goes too far to call Spain's performance in the Euro Final 'perfect', or to say they are the best team in history. But the fact that no other team has put together a show like Spain did in the final, and no other team has won three major tournaments in a row, seem like overwhelming factors in their favor. I think Spain are due their recognition.

While I look forward to Spain's next involvement in a tournament (World Cup 2014), I recognize that it will be nearly impossible for them to play better than they did in the Euro Final. From now on, people will compare their performance to that game, and will likely be disappointed when they don't meet that expectation. I am just glad I was able to watch the game in which Spain proved they are the best.

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