Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brazil Tops USMNT 4-1 in Soccer Friendly

That’s the headline you will see most places; that the US lost to Brazil 4-1. What you won’t see many places in the news is that the US team looked like they could make a comeback in the beginning of the second half.

With a goal just before halftime, after a half where Brazil really dominated, the US team came out in the second half looking threatening and a little more confidant.

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Unfortunately, Brazil managed another goal on a counter attack in the 56th minute which made a comeback much more difficult.

Yet in spite of the 3-1 score, the US team continued to create chances, with several great shots that where only stopped by even more brilliant saves by the Brazil goalkeeper. The score easily could have been 3-3. I must be fair and say it could also have been 1-6. But in the end, Pato score a beautiful goal to reach the 4-1 score line.

It seems like many people are taking the wrong information away from this game. People are thinking, ‘well, I guess the US team isn’t a top level team yet.’ But I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I think this showed that the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) has a lot of heart, and is improving every game. This was the first game in a year where Dempsey and Donovan played together. It was also a game where Brazil played very well. Even though the score was 4-1 and Brazil controlled much of the game, I think on another day, it could go in the US teams favor, like it did back in ’94.

This game was a great practice game for the USMNT, as they prepare for World Cup qualifying. I hope they recognize the improvements in the team, and play with confidence in their next games.